Project Description


Enjoy our Mayfair Clubs Personal Trainers from the comfort of your home. Learn how our customized training programs can help you meet your fitness goals.


Did you know we offer Virtual Personal Training?

Just like our in club Personal Training program, our Virtual Personal Training is highly customized. Our team of certified Virtual Personal Trainers are here to help you identify the fitness goals and objectives that are right for you and your total body health. Starting with a complimentary in-depth Athletic Analysis, our Personal Trainers will design a personalized fitness program, customized, just for you.

How to Get Started with Virtual Personal Training?

Step 1: Connect with your Club Manager

Whether you are an existing in club personal training client or new – you will need to connect with one of our Club Managers.

Lakeshore/West Members: 
Darlene Holland at

Naresh Persaud at

Step 2: Club Manager will Connect You with a Trainer

Our Club Manager will ask you questions in order to determine the type of personal training you are looking for. They will then match you with one of our Virtual Personal Trainers.

Step 3: Complete Your In Take Form

Once you are partnered with a Virtual Personal Trainer, you will need to complete an in take form with details regarding your home set-up as well as your goals and objectives for your training.

Complete Form

Step 4: Prepare Your Space

You will need to prepare your home gym or space for your personal training sessions. Watch our video to get started!

How to Prepare for Your Virtual Personal Training

You will need:

  • 8ft by 8ft space with no hazards
  • Broomstick
  • Mat
  • Chair
  • Exercise equipment you have on hand
  • Device (computer or mobile device with camera and tripod)

Watch our training video from our Parkway Fitness Manager, Michael Soblotny as he explains what you need to do to prepare your space for your virtual personal training session.