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What is the Mayfair Clubs Online Business Exchange?

The Mayfair Clubs Online Business Exchange is an online community, exclusive to Mayfair Clubs members who are self-employed business owners and professionals. This exchange allows members to network, promote and grow their business while providing the opportunity to introduce their business to the entire Mayfair membership and guests to the community.

What’s In It For Mayfair Member Business Owners and Professionals?

  • Dedicated Mayfair Online Business Exchange section on our Mayfair Clubs Online website where Members can post their logo, information about their business and include links to their website and social channels. This site is public to all Mayfair Club members and guests and will feature a business directory for ease of use.
  • Exclusive membership to the Private Mayfair Online Business Exchange LinkedIn Group
  • Exclusive monthly networking meetings, via ZOOM.
  • Monthly features in Mayfair Clubs Member e-newsletters and on all Mayfair Clubs social channels.

Who Can Join?

  • Exclusive to Mayfair Club members who are self-employed professionals or own a business.
  • Maximum of 150 businesses
  • Maximum of 10 businesses per category

What Does It Cost?

  • Monthly subscription fee of $49 (plus applicable taxes)
  • Members can cancel at any time

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Begin by completing our online registration form
  2. We will follow-up with you upon receiving your completed form
  3. If you have any additional questions, contact Sandra at

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