How to access live streaming activities

Step 1: Login to Mayfair Clubs member app or web portal

You can access live classes, sessions, and workshops only through the member app and web portal associated with your membership.

Please contact your club manager for information on how to download and access your online member account.

How to find your member app and web portal online:

To find your member app search the Apple App Store or Google Play for Mayfair Clubs. You may also access the member web portal on your computer or tablet.

Step 2: Once logged into your member account, select the “Virtual Fitness” tile on the home page

All virtual content including live streaming classes are within the virtual fitness section of your app and web portal. You will have access to a live schedule of activities and  an on-demand library of videos.

Step 3: Select Live Schedule & Access Live Activities

Within the Virtual Fitness section in your member account, select “Live Schedule” to view all available live streaming activities.

Available activities will have an option button to “Watch Now”, when this option is available prior to activity start time, select this button to enter the join streaming channel.

When does the “Watch Now” button appear?

The green “Watch Now” button will appear when the live activity is open for members to join. The timing of this may be dependent on your health club or association rules. The button will appear prior to class start, usually 10 minutes before.

Requirement to Register for live activities?

We may request that you register for live activities prior to watching them. There are benefits to this such as being able to receive communication if the activity is changed. You can also add this activity to your schedule if you register ahead of time.

To Register, find the activity you want to watch on the live schedule and tap “Register”. You will be registered immediately. You will then see a “Watch Now” button. If the activity is ready to join the “Watch Now” button will be green. Tap and join. If you are too early to join the activity, the “Watch Now” button will be greyed out. The button will turn green when the activity is open to join and view.

What if the “Watch Now” button is greyed out?

You may have an option to register for virtual streaming activities ahead of time. After registering, the “Watch Now” button appears to give you access to the activity. When the button turns green you can tap it to join your live streaming activity. The button will remain grey until the activity is open for viewing.

Step 4: Joining the live streaming activity

Upon selecting “Watch Now” you will enter into the live activity channel. Prior to joining the activity your app will prompt you to select the following for an optimal digital experience:

  • Approve access to your camera and audio (needed to interact with the instructor and community: share video, talk, chat)
  • Select your streaming camera
  • Select your audio source (microphone and speaker)

Note: It is recommended you approve the camera and audio to ensure you are fully connected. You will not have to share you video or microphone during the activity. By default these controls are set to off when you join the live class or workshop.

For more info on this and troubleshooting your access and permissions please see other sections of this guide.

If you do not have access to virtual content, please note:

Virtual fitness access may be dependent on your membership type and status. If you do not have access to the virtual content in your member app such as live streaming and on-demand, please contact your club or associations member services.

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